The rock band HOLLYWOOD PARTY was formed in the beginning of 2002 and is located in Montbéliard (FRANCE).

Rémy (vocals), Alain (guitars), Vincent (Bass) and Herve (Drums) played in other bands like KROMOZOM, GAME OVER and ALUCA before.

Strongly inspired musically as well as visually by American 80s ROCK/HARD' ROLL, HOLLYWOOD PARTY is a genuine " FUN ROCK'N'ROLL BAND " which plays " live " with lots of " fun, energy and attitude !! ". The media described the band as PURE HARD'N’ ROLL ", and each of their concert is a colorful show that always pleases the audience.

Their self-produced 6 song CD untitled " Back To L.A.” came out in December 2002 and was welcomed by the press and the French/European media. The four rock’n’rollers get in touch with more and more people through the band’s website and HOLLYWOOD PARTY play anywhere possible increasing their " following " with each of their shows.

In April 2004- The song " Girl " was released for the rock compilation" Chaos in Franche-Comté " (Troll's Production.)

February 2005- The song " Back To L.A.” is recorded “Live” on the “Palot’s’ stage and appear on the CD compilation" Mont B Calling" (Rien n’a encore changé records) gathering 24 bands.

HOLLYWOOD PARTY finally sign a contract with  Bucher Records  and enter in the studio for their 1st full-lentgh album called " LIKE A TATTOO ".

The mastering is carried out by Didier Houbre in Downtown Studios in Strasbourg.

This CD comes out in a Digipack version and is out in April 2005. 13 songs with influences such as Aerosmith, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Guns'n’Roses,, AC/DC or more recently The Darkness.